The Fondazione Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT) is a government sponsored Foundation created in 2003 to promote excellence in research, technological development and training within a national and international context.

IIT cooperates with both academic institutions and private organizations, fostering through these Partnerships scientific development, technological advances and training in high technology IIT has a large international research community with over 600 researchers working on seven synergetic and interdisciplinary platforms – Robotics, Neurosciences, D4 (Drug Discovery Development and Diagnostics), Energy, EHS, (Environment, Health, Security), Smart Materials, Integrated Multiscale Computational Technology, producing more than 1500 publications in the last few years.

In LANIR, IIT is represented by the Superresolution Microscopy Laboratory of the Nanophysics Department (NAPH) and the Neuroscience and Brain Technology (NBT). The Nanophysics Department has over 50 research scientists. The NAPH is specialized in design, realization, and exploitation of advanced methodologies and instrumentations within the framework of advanced optical spectroscopy and microscopy, scanning force microscopy, optical nanoscopy, micro- nano-machining, micro- nano-mechanics. It has a particular focus on nanostructured, biological and hybrid - artificial/biological - materials at the nanoscale.

Nanophysics (NAPH) has a strong relationship with the Neuroscience and Brain Technology (NBT) department for applications towards neurodegenerative diseases.