Meeting - LANIR 12 Month Project Meeting

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Photo of LANIR 12M meeting participants at Mons, Belgium.

The Month 12 Meeting took place in Mons, Belgium and was hosted by Multitel (14/15 February 2013). The meeting also consisted of a visit of to a partners facility, Laserspec, at Namur, Belgium. The meeting developed action plans for the next 6 months, to be reviewed at the M15 Consortium meeting in June 2013 at the EuroNanoForum2013 in Dublin. It was concluded during the meeting that there will be a delay in some deliverables due to the knock on effect of the late arrival of some key equipment procured for Partner facilities.The meeting also looked to manage risks and address any other knock on issues that may arise. The upcoming reporting during Month 18 was discussed during a presentation on administrative and financial matters. The meeting concluded with the excellent news and confirmation that all major procurement for the project has been completed and the utilisation of the equipment can now procced at pace.