Workshop on Super-resolution and Life Sciences 2012 Brasov, Romania

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The 2012 Workshop on Super-resolution and Life Sciences (WSRLS 2012) is devoted to the fields of high-resolution imaging techniques and their applications within life sciences. The mission of this workshop is to promote the global exchange of knowledge by facilitating the open dialogue between scientists working in high-resolution imaging.  The workshop aims as well the identification of subjects that could be the core of collaborative research projects and funding possibilities.

WSRLS 2012 in Brasov is dedicated to the memory of Prof. Vassilios Sarafis who passed away this year. He was actively involved in super-resolution research and he regularly attended optical microscopy meetings, many times as invited speaker. Professor V. Sarafis had wished very much for this workshop on super-resolution to take place in Romania, offering his full support in this matter.

Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):
* laser scanning microscopy: confocal, TPE, STED, CARS, Raman
* scanning probe microscopy: AFM, STM, SNOM
* electron microscopy: TEM, SEM
* microscope image processing and computer vision
* high resolution imaging applications in life sciences