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Wednesday, October 10 2012:       IR microscopy is a chemical imaging technique that maps the spatial distribution of certain chemical transition which is identified by a well-established and almost universally used IR spectroscopy technique. This technique traces the chemical fingerprint of a variety of biological and nonbiological materials. It means, no chemical labelling is required for molecular identification (label-free). This is highly advantageous especially in detecting small and subtle chemical changes that can potentially have severe consequences e.g. in chemical change in the amyloid protein structure that causes Alzheimer’s disease. Breaking away from the diffraction limit of infra-red (IR) radiation in far-field microscopy has been considered impossible due to the inherent absorption of IR radiation by materials at intensities required to achieve high resolution. The... + continue reading
Saturday, September 29 2012: LANIR has linked with the BioSurf project ( funded by EMRP. The Coordinator has signed an agreement with the BioSurf project to work as an adviser. Both the BioSurf project and the coordinator, NPL (National Physical Laboratory, UK), have agreed to exchange samples for testing using the Infra Red Nanoscope currently being developed in LANIR. The European Metrology Research Programme (EMRP) enables European metrology institutes, industrial organisations and academia to collaborate on joint research projects within specified fields. The programme is implemented by EURAMET, organised by 22 National Metrology Institutes (NMIs), supported by the European Union. The participation of a consortium to EMRP is conducted through collaboration/participation in projects funded within the EMRP. + continue reading
Thursday, July 12 2012:   LANIR members took part in the Optics Within Life Science (OWLS) 2012 Conference, 4-6 July, 2012, Genoa, Italy organised by Professor Alberto Diaspro from IIT.   Professor Diaspro (IIT) and Professor George Stanciu (UPB) chaired various sessions in the conference (Event Website: ).   Dr. Christophe Silien (UL) presented a paper on ‘Chemical Imaging with Super Resolution Infra-Red Absorption’.   UL and UniGe also had a WP3 meeting on 5 July, 2012. UL, UPB and IIT participated in a WP1 meeting on 6 July, 2012. + continue reading
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Tuesday, June 26 2012: The LANIR Project had a stand at the Industrial Technologies 2012 Exhibition that took place in Aarhus, Denmark on 19 - 21 June 2012. The event programme highlighted the knowledge intensive products and processes driving European growth to 2020. Several sessions looked at those products and processes where Europe can build or maintain global leadership in the next decade.The event was supported by The European Commission Directorate for Research and Innovation and its Industrial Technologies Programme. + continue reading
Friday, April 20 2012: A meeting of the LANIR FP7 Project Consortium members marked the start of the LANIR project. The kickoff meeting was held on the 10th and 11th April 2012 at IIT in Genoa, Italy. Participants in the project met with the EC Programme Officer and discussed the imediate tasks and activities scheduled for the following months. Reporting and Management requirements and activities were also discussed.         .   + continue reading
Friday, March 9 2012: The 2012 Workshop on Super-resolution and Life Sciences (WSRLS 2012) is devoted to the fields of high-resolution imaging techniques and their applications within life sciences. The mission of this workshop is to promote the global exchange of knowledge by facilitating the open dialogue between scientists working in high-resolution imaging.  The workshop aims as well the identification of subjects that could be the core of collaborative research projects and funding possibilities. WSRLS 2012 in Brasov is dedicated to the memory of Prof. Vassilios Sarafis who passed away this year. He was actively involved in super-resolution research and he regularly attended optical microscopy meetings, many times as invited speaker. Professor V. Sarafis had wished very much for this workshop on super-resolution to take place in Romania, offering his full support in this matter. Topics of... + continue reading
Saturday, March 3 2012: Dr Tofail Syed, Lead Scientist on a project to develop a screening device which will allow for the early detection of Alzheimer's disease has been named the Limerick Person of the Month.   Dr Tofail together with University of Limerick scientists have been awarded €5.4 million to develop a nanoscope which will allow the screening of patient cells for Alzheimer's disease. In Ireland, over 44,000 people are affected by Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia. There are 7.7 million new cases of dementia each year worldwide, implying that there is a new case of dementia somewhere in the world every four seconds. At present there is no test to screen for this disease. The World Alzheimer Report 2011 identified that the current lack of detection is a significant barrier to improving lives of people with Alzheimer's disease and other dementias, their families... + continue reading


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