PlasmaChem GmbH is a SME with research facility dedicated to the development, production and the sales of medical devices, analytical equipment and nanomaterials and their formulations. PlasmaChem GmbH was founded at 1993 in Mainz. In 2005 company moved to Berlin, the capital of Germany with location at Adlershof - the "City of Science and Media" - the Federal German Technology Park.

The main area of the company concerns the nano-materials, detonation-, vacuum-, plasma- and ultra-thin film technologies and their biomedical and technical applications. The main technology points of PlasmaChem concern the development of processes, induced by low temperature plasma on different surfaces, in atomically flat inorganic solids and in liquid interfaces.

 The important business line of PlasmaChem GmbH is production and sale of new industrial products - Nanopowders (NanoDiamonds, NanoCeramics, NanoMetals and composite Nano-particles - Nano-capsules). In 2005 PlasmaChem has launched first in the world General Catalogue on Nanomaterials and related products. Plasmachem performs chemical and low temperature plasma modification of nanopowders with purpose of functionalization of nano-particle's surface with assistance of new plasma chemical method developed by PlasmaChem for ultra-dispersed materials. Along with new nano-particles PlasmaChem developed new ready-touse industrial nano-products like nano-abrasives, additives to engine oils and composite nano-suspensions for electroplating and electroless plating of metals.