Project Coordinator - University of Limerick (UL)


University of Limerick (UL) is one of the leading universities in Ireland and is the Coordinator of LANIR. It has an excellent track record of attracting national, European and industrial funding for research.

The Materials and Surface Science Institute (MSSI) within UL wasformed in 1998 and now comprises over 200 researchers active in materials and surface science research with a strong focus on microscopic, nanoscopic and spectroscopic characterisation of materials important for health, energy, transport and clean technology. In recent years, MSSI has received national funding over €20 M to continue as a national facility forstate-of-the-art materials and surface characterisation.

UL is contributing to the LANIR consortium with its patent-pending process of IR Nanoscopy, long experience of electron microscopy and spectroscopy of research and industrial samples and a group of high quality scientists with a strong track record in ground-breaking research in nanosciences and its applications in nanoelectronics, photonics, nano- and mesoporous systems, and structural biology.