The synchrotron SOLEIL is located on the south of Paris (25 km). The characteristics exhibited by SOLEIL in terms of brightness, stability and accordability from infra red to X-ray, position this synchrotron among the most competitive one in the world.

These characteristics allow high spatial resolution and high sensitivity. Therefore, SOLEIL allows performing any experiments using synchrotron radiation. Being a national facility, SOLEIL has an excellent record in attracting national, European for research in the X-rays to infra red energy domains. Among the 25 operating beamlines, the SMIS beamline exploits the infra red emission from the synchrotron radiation.

Based on two collection geometry (entrance of a dipole magnet, and interior of a dipole magnet), two sources are extracted, allowing to set up two independent infra red microscopic end station. The beamline welcomes multidisciplinary scientific communities: Astrophysics, Geology, Archaeology, Soft Matter, High Pressure, Biology and Biomedical.

Access is afforded through Program review Committee, and more than 100 users every semester are welcome at the beamline. SOLEIL is contributing to the LANIR consortium as a non-cost partner with its deep knowledge and strong track record in ground-breaking research in biological and biomedical, and its diffraction limited image recording of the biological samples.