Event - Round Table Discussion - Infra Red Nanoscopy using the far field


An open discussions on issues and challenges in taking Infra Red Nanoscopy using the far field technique to applications in clinic and industrial metrology. The discussion was a public dissemination of the LANIR Project at the NanoNet Conference with an overview of LANIR applications.

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Poster - Far-field Infrared Absorption Microscopy Beyond Diffraction Limit, Nanoweek Conference 2013, Ireland



This poster was presented at Nanoweek Conference 2013 in Dublin, Ireland. Summry of the poster is given below:

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Presentation - Polyelectrolyte Multilayer Coatings, BIBE 2013, Greece

The number of arthroplasties is rapidly increasing, however most materials used for such applications lack in osseointegration. The improvement of the bone/implant interface has received great attention for many years, with special reference to titanium-based implants. The interface between bone and implant has been considered both by physical approaches focused on surface topography and by chemical/biochemical surface modification by incorporation of organic molecules.


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